Best Two Key Elements for Successful Email Marketing


When comes to email marketing success, there is more than one way to make it. After conducting an email campaign, you can feel the improvement of overall performance from it with a multitude of people. When you want to be high in email marketing or strategies your business should cultivate people’s engagement and reduce unsubscribes to maintain your brand image.

You have to conclude all the above and it is attainable if you apply the correct strategy. What you need is extensive research and sometimes to make mistakes or trial and understanding of your audience. The most important thing to achieve your success, you need some series of practices to develop your strategy.

Here are the best elements for email marketing to achieve the result you want.

Time and occurrence

When you are sending an email campaign to the list, the most necessary element is to focus on email marketing strategy is time. You may be California, but the audiences in your email list are in different time zone. The time of email that receives a person on daytime can quickly calculate the open rate and click rates to the website.

All you have to do is to segment your email list based on the time zone so that they can receive the email according to their daytime. You can’t convey a message to reach everyone globally or nationally at the same time. If you want to cultivate your audience on email, you should divide your time to three core slots the morning, afternoon, evening.

Besides of timing to your email, the other one is occurrence. The number of times it appears in audience inbox will play a significant role for engagement. It doesn’t mean you have to send an email every day and this is how you will get more unsubscribes. Keep your email at a low rate as two in a week. It depends on the industry, some of the sectors are sending an email twice or thrice only in a month.


Image content speaks more than text content and this is the bitter truth for any email marketing strategy. In common, there should be more visuals than copying the text for email. Every user doesn’t want to read too much that is why you should need to insert the image content. The user will try to skim the content to get the central messaging.

If you need to convey more details to audience don’t include lengthy information in an email, use the call to action button to link your website where they can get the full details. Every email should have called to action buttons to direct your websites or to purchasing something.

The user should always react to something when they get your email. The CTA button should be more specific than your content so the audience can quickly notice it and you can get more traffic to your websites. Double check the CTA buttons and it should be more dynamic and outstanding when compare to the rest of the messages.