Hire the right person using the c sharp test


In-depth knowledge is what differentiates the best employee or rather the best programmer from the other ordinary employees or programmers in an IT industry. When you are planning to recruit senior level personnel, who are going to guide and extract work from the juniors and the team members, they will have to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject to get the work done and also to maintain the motivational level of the team by setting goals that are attainable. He must also be able to solve the problems that the team members face in the programming project. All this requires skill and knowledge of c programming

How can you assess skill and knowledge?

You can test a person’s knowledge in CSharp.Net or C # NET programming through the CSharp assessment tests that can be made available online. It is useful for the recruiting managers or the human resources department of the company to assess and choose the best program developers and senior level developers by effectively measuring their knowledge in the subject as well as the C# coding skills as a pre-employment test. One great advantage is that it is in accordance with the industry standards.

How is the test designed?

The assessment test focuses on C# and the .NET framework and the questions are presented as coding exercises and theory questions.  The candidate would have to write codes to achieve the objects presented in the question which will then be tested by executing the code and the results would be analysed.The tests may have time limits for each question or there might be an overall time limit. If there is an overall time limit for the test the candidate will have the option to navigate between various segments of the test.

The C# assessment tests can be created from your own code base or through a custom test that will suit the needs of the recruiting company. The C# assessment test providers have developed and validated hundreds of skills test and the recruiters can select and combine one or more of these tests to create a comprehensive test that will help the recruiter choose the best candidate for the job role and the job readiness in case of recruitment for senior positions.

What are the topics covered in the tests?

The test contains questions from topics that include

  • C# core language and functions
  • Applied C#
  • C# Objects and Design
  • Algorithm
  • Routing, arrays, and loops
  • Configuration and development
  • Constraint
  • Bundling and Minification.

Assessment test costs

The assessment test for C#  can be combined with any of the other online tests used for recruitment that the company already has, you can then invite the candidates to take up the online tests and get a detailed result based on which you can make your recruitment decision, in which case the costs are low, but if you request for a custom test that has to be created from the scratch it is a little expensive, but still worth the money you spend as the right person at the right place means  more business and in turn more money.

Recruit and promote the right person to the right job to maximize your profits and have a motivated team of workers.