Instagram – The New Age Marketing Tool


In the contemporary times marketing is not just about creating awareness for a product or service through the traditional means. In fact, the large masses of people who are on the virtual platform round the clock are the real target of the companies.

Amongst the different digital marketing platforms that are in vogue in the current times and are being increasingly used by the marketing experts, Instagram has emerged as one of the most popular platforms that are being used by the marketing experts to attract and engage the probable clients.

Why Instagram?

Instagram has become the first choice for marketing experts since it has the ability to give rise to a community on the dint of its shared images. The Instagram was introduced in the year 2010 and since then it has sown a great growth of popularity and has been accepted by a large share of the global population.

Instagram is a platform that allows the companies to interact with its customers. It has a much higher interaction rate with its followers, as high as 58times of interaction that is allowed by facebook and 120 times of what is allowed in twitter.

Even then the companies and the marketing experts have just begun the process of digital marketing on the platform of Instagram and the ratio of marketing on Instagram happens to be lower as compared to the other social media platforms of facebook and twitter. This is an aspect that can be considered to be a boon in disguise. The lower rate of usage of Instagram means that the companies who will be using the platform will be facing a lower degree of competition.

Advantages of Using Instagram

While you are using the Instagram marketing guide it is imperative that you must have a fair enough idea of how the entire platform is working and what are the goals that can be accomplished through using Instagram:

  • You can improve the volume of sales better.
  • This is a superprocess through which the awareness of the brand can be improved. This, in turn, can improve the business volume of the company.
  • Instagram is effective for building a business community.
  • You can showcase your products in details.
  • Ensure interaction with customers and potential influencers.

Instagram is a social media where you can market services and products on various budget scales. In many cases, digital marketing is always way more economic and effective as compared to traditional marketing.

Instagram marketing guide works in a different way as compared to other social media like Facebook. Here you cannot add link anywhere. A link can be added only to your profile, to which you can add a short self-bio.

It is important that you have your goals defined well in the very beginning. This is the only way through which you can get your goals. Concentrate on any one aspect, like either the culture of the company or the nature of the products of the company.


The above discussion provides an insight into the marketing gimmicks that can be done with the help of Instagram. It illustrates the details of marketing with this platform of social media.