Keep your website safe and secure


A Few Hacks To Keep Your Website Safe And Secure

An overload of information has attracted millions of users to the internet and not all of them are browsing for information. Unfortunately, some of the information sought by users on the internet can affect your sites safety and security including your customers, if financial and personal information is used. More importantly, your website security depends on a fully functional website over a secure server. There are many ways to keep yourself safe, but a professional technician can perform test on your website to monitor your functionality, traffic, and website security.

3 Major Signs Your Website Has Been Breached

Suspicious Website Activity

Your website server is the first place to look for repeat and recurring IP addresses you’re not familiar with. This is one of the first signs indicating your website is not secure and a suspected hacker is trying to gain access to your website.

Poor Website Performance

Your website depends on your website performance and when your website is running poorly it hinders your security and safety. If you’re normal load time is 5 seconds, and now takes 30 seconds or more to load, you should consider consulting a professional web expert to tuneup your site performance.

A Broken Code

Hackers can get into your website and break your code (website link). This means when visitors are drawn to your website, they’ll get an error message. However, some website content may load and other parts of your website is missing entire pages or page content.

What Can I Do If My Website Has Been Hacked

If your website has been hacked and your not a technology expert, it’s time to call in the professionals. The longer your site is down, the more your website visitors will visit competitor networks. Your website security being breached can affect your revenue, customer confidence in your website, and visitor track. In fact, customer safety depends on your site processing their information over a secure network. When your website isn’t functioning properly, especially newer sites, your customers can lose confidence in your features and services. It’s important to have a professional diagnosis your website and perform diagnostic test including tech savvy penetration tests to improve the safety and security of your network.

Safety & Security Tests

Penetration Test

A pen test detects vulnerable insecurities in your network applications. Also called pen tests, a penetration test will find weak spots in your website and upsurge your security. The scanning tool methods used by penetration test methods identify and analyze malfunctions or hacks in your website applications.

Soak Test

A soak test is one of the best performance test to perform on your website because it provides long-term analysis. They can detect memory leaks on an ongoing basis to ensure your applications are working more than just a few hours at a time. Soak tests also indicate any corruption in your website performance.

Performance Test

A performance test is a basic tests that measures functionality, stability, functions, and scalability of your internet applications. This is one of the first tests a technology expert will perform on your website to test safety and security.

You Get What You Pay For

A virus protection is not enough to protect your website and if you’ve experienced a security or safety hack, there may be a few do-it-yourself fixes associated with some issues, but there is no price on the content of your professional website.

Hiring a technology expert is a portion of the cost it will take to recover from a security or safety malfunction with your business website. It is also important to hire a quality professional when you’re developing your website to avoid a security or safety threat to your network. They have the highly trained expertise to get your website up and running quickly and functioning properly. A professional can provide emergency services to retain your visitors or customer confidence in your website content.

A quality professional can spot irregularities, have the training to solve your security or safety threat, and keep your website credible; queried in the top search engines.

Never assume you could never become a victim of a hacker. You hear it happening to other people, but it could never happen to you, right? This kind of misinformation leaves 36% of all online business managers at risk they security and safety of your website depends on your professional maintenance technology expert. Today, it’s not a matter of if you’ll be hacked, but a matter of win. Protecting your customer’s information is the first priority of any professional website. Don’t let online hackers risk the integrity of your credible website.