Overview of printed electronics industry and its various roles


The rapid emergence of various industries has really given a new turn in many industries. In fact the pattern of work has changed to a great extent. There are ample companies who are working and serving field of human machine interface technologies for more than many years while continually diversifying its product and service offerings. In this way there has been huge development in the pattern of work.

The emergence of technological companies and its various roles:

In this connection the name of GGI Solutions must be mentioned. It is in fact a trusted value-added partner in leading-edge technological solutions for its global aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and defense clients. Some specific features of the company are as follows:

  • GGI is also a leader in the emerging printed electronics industry, leveraging its partnership with the CNRC, CRC and global market leaders, to develop breakthrough applications of its scientific innovations.
  • The company is actually well supported by the financial partners like Namakor Holdings, FMQ and CDPQ etc. They are basically one of the world’s largest institutional investors.
  • Project management, design, engineering, qualification & certification and innovation are part of every GGI solution. Additionally, the group invests in research and development to ensure continual diversification and evolution of its user interface technologies.
  • The company is operating in the aerospace, medical, industrial, transport and defense markets, and also enables user interface solution expertise to meet the most demanding requirements.
  • The main areas of operations of the company are project management, design and engineering.
  • Project Managers offer continuous support throughout the course of every project. The Project Manager is also responsible in leading a project, from its inception to execution, ensures all deliverables exceed requirements within the expected timeframe and allocates resources to maximize project efficiency. Their goal is to ensure all of our customers are satisfied with the result of each project and the delivery of the services and products they provide.

Other specific features of the company:

As the projects become more complex and critical to our performance, the team of Project Managers follow a roadmap developed for the successful delivery of projects in the Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Transport and Defense. Product development is at the core of the company. The company’s product development team consists of a trained team of industrial designers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, graphic designers and CAD professionals. They are well versed in the subject. The entire team is committed to a common thought. The idea is in fact very noble and innovative. The employees are very dedicated towards their work. It is really a great work they do. The team of certification engineers is really well equipped in their respective fields. They can deal with any matter quite easily. This is a great credit. The company can manage and perform the entire certification activities aerospace, military, industrial and medical product too. Day by day the performance of the company is rapidly increasing. The company also supports any type of product certification activities. It is hoped that the company will expand more rapidly in future.