Productivity vs. Industrial PC’s


Industrial PC’s come in various forms and have evolved from the original desktop, from portables, mini-form factors, rack form factors, embedded controllers and HMI (Human Machine Interface). In order to thrive in an industrial capacity they need to be of a high quality extremely reliable.

An SMC (System Management Controller) manages tracks and monitors the computer system. Industrial PC’s can be high complex and some systems will require more than an SMC to be more productive and reduce the cost. Moving to an ASIC is one solution but does come with its downfalls as it is limited. It does not allow for much flexibility as types, numbers and routine interface setting need to be fixed.

An SMC is restricted to a temperature range below seventy degrees. The Stallaris LM4S (SMC) has been introduced to the IT market with 32-bit processing performance and forty to eighty five degrees capacity. Extended temperature can be obtained with optional support. It has multiple GPIO routing systems which have cancelled out the need for testing. It is a simple system and easy to use. It reduces engineering costs and time.

A system Management Bus (SMBus) can be efficient with an operating system that will perform multiple real time tasks as well as the ability to not interrupt performance while adding a new function.

Make use of Durable touch screen easy to use display monitors such as the Industrial panels’ which has high performance and many tailor made features. Additional memory can be added, as well as different operating systems or processing outputs. They are industrial grade, TFT display panels ensuring they can withstand the industrial environment.

Software needs to last a long period of time to avoid recurring expenses and there needs to be an increase in capacity utilisation. With new software and systems available there has been a noted slowing of the rate of decline.